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Hyosung FDC FW 25/26 Trend Byte 9

We have reached our final Conscious Preparation sub-trend – Lightweight Adventure – and the end of our FDC FW 25/26 Trend Byte series! 

Lightweight Adventure

Life in the era of global warming warrants preparation such as packing versatile layers for outdoor activity, travel, and daily commutes. Lightweight woven layers can work together in fast-changing conditions and become season-less, must have pieces. 

Our recommended yarns and fabrics for Lightweight Adventure include:

Key Yarns

Suggested Fabrics

Lightweight wovens made with sustainable materials for anoraks, packable windbreakers and insulated jackets. 

Thank you so much for viewing our FW 25/26 Trend Byte series! Please contact us for more information on our textile trends, performance yarns, and fabric suggestions by clicking on the contact button. We look forward to our presenting our FDC SS 26 Trend Byte series later this spring.

FDC 25/26 Trend Byte 9 – Lightweight Adventure

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