Hyosung SS ’23 Trend Byte # 13 – Hyosung Performance Textiles

Trends | June 30, 2022

Hyosung SS ’23 Trend Byte # 13

Lewis Hong

Hi and welcome to our last Hyosung SS ’23 Trend Byte! 

We finalize our SS ’23 Trend Byte Series with our Elements of Comfort sub-trend #4 – Soft Layering.

Soft Layering is about comfort and relaxation within or beyond the home. Comfortable loungewear has become a wardrobe staple ever since the Corona-virus crisis. And, it has evolved into more refined outdoor-worthy pieces that have a comfortable, lightweight, and buttery-soft hand feel along with a soothing and warming effect.

Our recommended fibers for our Soft Layering textile trend include:

  • cotna: A cotton-like polyester fiber with the natural touch of a natural fiber, and easy to care for function. 
  • aerolight: A lightweight polyester fiber with excellent moisture absorbent/fast drying function created by the yarn’s C-type hollow-core and multi-filament structure. Applicable for all four seasons, with an excellent soft touch.
  • aeroheat: A heat-generating polyester fiber that absorbs light to radiate thermal energy. Provides semi-permanent features of warmth and comfort with lightweight.

Many thanks for following our Hyosung SS ’23 Trend Byte series! We look forward to sharing our new FW ’23 Trend Bytes with you soon. Until then, be well!

Soft Layering

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