Hyosung Trend Byte # 1 – Hyosung Performance Textiles

Hyosung Trend Byte # 1

Trends | March 21, 2022

Spring/Summer ’23 Mega Trend 1: All Weather Purpose

Hi, it’s Lewis here!

Welcome to Hyosung Trend Bytes – an ongoing series of ‘byte-sized’ trend forecasts gathered by our Fashion Design Center (FDC), an interactive studio that surveys trends to present a vision to our customers. 

Our FDC team – which I am proud to lead – spans the US, Asia and Europe surveying cutting-edge brands and retailers along with consumer insights to develop these trends. Twice a year we present our seasonal Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer Mega-Trends and subsequent sub-trends.

We begin our Trend Byte series with our Spring/Summer ’23 Mega Trend 1, and activewear textile trend named All Weather Purpose.

All Weather Purpose predicts that the outdoor book and experience travel will be key drivers for Spring/Summer ’23. Consumers will be outside for longer durations and looking for products that offer protection from all weather conditions.     

Check back next week for our All Weather Purpose sub-trend number 1.

 Until then, please reach get in touch through our contact us page if you would like more information!

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