Introducing Jenny Deng, Marketing Team at Hyosung Guangzhou, Guangdong, China – Hyosung Performance Textiles


Introducing Jenny Deng, Marketing Team at Hyosung Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Stories | October 27, 2021

Our spotlight shines on Jenny Deng this month! Jenny joined Hyosung about 4½ years ago as Marketing Manager in our South China office. Her passion and curiosity as to how fibers work has led her to be a key brand-facing member of our Hyosung Performance Textiles Team. Jenny has had a significant role in expanding our brand adoptions among domestic sportswear, activewear, and intimate apparel brands, which have been experiencing significant growth over the last 2 to 3 years.

Jenny’s enthusiasm for fibers spills over to her love of sport, both on the court and nature’s outdoor playgrounds. We hope you have the opportunity to meet Jenny in person at one of the many forthcoming trade shows. In the meantime, you can get to know a little bit about her in our following conversation.

What led you to Hyosung?

I’ve been working in the textile industry for 10 years with a passion! Before I joined Hyosung, I worked in the R&D department of Pacific Textiles. Part of my job was to investigate yarn functionality and conduct many tests for brands, which fueled my curiosity and desire to explore yarns’ amazing features and how they work. Hyosung is a famous international yarn supplier known for its creora® spandex, Mipan® nylon, and range of polyester yarns, and I was fascinated by its vast product offering, which drew me to the company. It’s exciting and inspiring to collaborate with our value chain to develop programs with Hyosung yarn technologies and bring more added value to the textile industry.

Have you always been interested in the textile industry and if so why?

I am a very single-minded person, so yes it has always interested me! The textile industry is complicated and can bring upon pain points, however, it also offers so many interesting aspects. There is so much innovative technology to explore and bring to market. So it’s been a happy journey for me to experience and learn.

What do you like best about your role at Hyosung?

The part I like best is the ability to communicate with different people from our valuable downstream customers, which include fabric mills, garment manufacturers, and brands, which broadens my knowledge.  I also love cross-cultural communication. As Hyosung is an international company, I also enjoy my opportunity to speak and work with people all over the world! This is charming to me.

Can you please share a memorable challenge with a brand and how you overcame it?

It’s not easy to execute a closed-loop project. It usually takes several months, and even years to make progress.  I am very grateful part of an excellent and professional global marketing team to face and work through challenges together. Through teamwork, we have built strong domestic and global brand relationships such as Lining, Maniform, Bananain, H&M, Decathlon, and many others.  

How do you think the textile industry and Hyosung have changed over the last 2 to 3 years?

From a local market perspective, the textile industry in China is quite dynamic. There are many new players such as Ubras, Bananain, Neiwai that have successfully entered the intimate apparel market and surprised traditional brands. Sportswear is expected to see booming growth in the coming years, which we feel will have a positive impact on our performance fiber business that is growing alongside this trend. Due to the reputation of our Hyosung’s branded recycled fibers – Mipan® regen nylon, regen polyester and, creora® regen spandex – in addition to our functional specialty yarns such as aqua-x and askin, we’ve gained great recognition in both activewear and intimate apparel segments.  

Do you have a favorite Hyosung fiber and if so, what is it?

Our creora® regen, 100% pre-consumer GRS-certified recycled spandex that was commercialized in 2019. It’s wonderful to see it from a newborn baby, then thrive in the circular eco-friendly economy as so many brands are pursuing sustainable materials to reduce GHG emissions. As a solutions provider, Hyosung is always doing its best to offer more sustainable yarns to protect our earth. creora® regen is certainly one of the perfect solutions to meet this market demand and reduce industrial waste.

Who are a few idols that inspire you and why?

Recently it’s Elon Musk. His enthusiasm for exploring space is so cool! He is doing what most people want to do, and his advancements prove that nothing is impossible.

What gives you joy outside of work?

Sports, definitely! I love playing tennis, badminton and enjoy outdoor exercise. When exercising, I can tune out and find my inner peace. I love these precious, joyful times.

What kind of music do you like to listen to these days?

I love a wide range of music that includes Chinese, English, Korean, Russian pop music. Music has no national boundaries. I feel it’s the balm to the soul and relieves pressure.

Where is one place that you’ve never been, but is high on our list to visit?

There are so many dreams of places to go! I was born in Sichuan China and in my hometown, there are many famous places I’ve yet to go to, so I would like to visit them first.  I also want to visit the UK, Japan, and Korea to explore and experience the culture shock!