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Stories | March 19, 2024

Hyosung Industry Collaboration Spotlight on Tefron

As the world’s top manufacturer of seamless intimates and activewear, Tefron has dedicated over 40 years to perfecting its craft. Creativity and innovation are deeply ingrained into the DNA fabric of Tefron’s business, inspiring it to achieve new levels of comfort, performance, and style with each new piece it knits. The company has formed a global community of talented individuals whose operations, partners, and clients span the globe – from North America to the Middle East and Asia.

Thanks to the Tefron team’s passion for exploring novel ideas, its commitment to quality, and its perpetual efforts to do good for its clients and communities, it is honored to be considered a partner of choice to the most trusted brands.

The Tefron Marketing Team was kind to answer a few questions with regards to Tefron’s collaboration with Hyosung. 

When did Tefron and Hyosung begin working together and what sparked the partnership?

Tefron has collaborated closely with Hyosung for over 20 years. This long-term partnership demonstrates our commitment to teaming up with trusted leaders like Hyosung to bring top-quality materials to our products and innovate together.

What does Tefron look for when selecting a fiber company to collaborate with?

When selecting a fiber company to collaborate with, Tefron seeks alignment with our values, the ability to meet our quality and quantity requirements, and offerings that enhance the performance and appeal of our products. We also prioritize the efficiency of the fiber company’s supply chain, communication, and importantly – the competitiveness of their pricing.

Can you give an example of how Tefron and Hyosung have worked together to anticipate brand developers’ needs?

Tefron and Hyosung recently joined forces, combining Tefron’s seamless knitting skills with Hyosung’s eco-friendly bio-based yarn to create sustainable seamless activewear. This collaboration holds significant potential for introducing innovative products to the market that meet evolving customer demands while supporting the environment.

Will you be exhibiting at any forthcoming trade shows or events that we should be aware of?

Our next exhibition will be at ISPO Munich in 2024, under this year’s theme: “New Perspectives on Sports.” We’ll showcase our latest sports products and ideas, and we’re excited to connect with others in the industry to explore new possibilities.

What is new and exciting on the horizon for Tefron?

Tefron is pursuing several exciting initiatives. We’re investing in ongoing research to develop functional products that provide added value to our customers. Additionally, we’re dedicated to incorporating environmentally friendly raw materials, such as recycled threads and chemicals from renewable sources. We’re also integrating new technologies into our products to enhance their performance and appeal. Furthermore, we’re actively expanding globally to reach new markets and customers.

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