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The North Face Korea’s Never Stop Exploring Campaign Draws Attention to its New Eco-Friendly regen jeju Collection

Green Partnerships | March 4, 2021

World-class outdoor brand, The North Face Korea, co-works with Hyosung to develop an apparel collection using locally recycled fiber generated from Jeju Island PET bottles

As you may know Hyosung is a global company where some of our regional – yet significant – initiatives may not catch the attention of a broader and interested audience outside of a geographic region. We believe one of those initiatives is our recent teamwork with The North Face (Youngone Outdoor Corporation) – a story we are excited to share it with you here!

Hyosung Performance Textiles recently formed an agreement with Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, Jeju Samdasoo (Jeju Development Corporation), and The North Face (TNF) Korea to create an eco-friendly initiative that aims at recycling up to 100 tons of transparent PET bottles from Jeju Island by third quarter of 2021. 

For those unaware, Jeju Island is known as the Hawaii of South Korea. It is also a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site drawing million to the island every year. In fact, the air travel route between Seoul and Jeju Island is one of the busiest in the world. So, you can imagine the number of PET bottles it collects on a given day!

After turning the bottles into recyclable chips, Hyosung produces an eco-friendly polyester fiber called regen jeju. TNF Korea has adopted this fiber in the making of its new regen jeju collection with the intention of raising awareness of recycling and a more environmentally conscious world. 

In lightning speed, TNF Korea developed and launched its new SS 21 regen jeju line of outerwear and sportswear in its flagship store in Seoul on February 3rd. Targeted around its Never Stop Exploring campaign, the company has dressed the store windows with mannequins wearing apparel from the collection. 

Additionally, TNF Korea team built a Regen Jeju in-store boutique where several of its major influencers are displayed on video monitors to entertain customers –Shin Min-a, actress and Ro-woon, K-pop singer and actor who are original TNF Korea ambassadors, Kim Yo-han, K-pop star and temporary ambassador for the rejen jeju collection featured in Singles Fashion Magazine.

If you happen to be in Seoul, please stop in The North Face store and let us know what you think of the regen jeju collection! You can find more information about new regen jeju products on The North Face Korea’s Instagram page at

Hyosung plans to continue its sustainable management practices based on the company’s strong commitment to various projects designed to expand the eco-friendly textile market at its home base in Korea and abroad. 

We’ll keep you posted!