Hyosung FDC FW ‘23/24 Trend Byte 17 – Hyosung Performance Textiles

Trends | December 15, 2022

Hyosung FDC FW ‘23/24 Trend Byte 17

Lewis Hong

We’ve reached our last Practical Aesthetic sub-trend theme! It is called Active Lounge

Practical performance meets cozy comfort for home activewear. Using ultra-soft yarns or those that have a brushed hand to amp up tactility can bring extra softness for indoor-outdoor practicality. Added performance features such as warming, wicking, and quick drying add appeal.  

Our recommended yarn and fabric suggestions for Active Lounge include:

Hyosung Key Yarns:

  • aerolight: lightweight polyester made with post-consumer PET that has excellent moisture absorbing and quick drying properties due to a C-type hollow core and multi-filament structure, which also provides a super-soft hand for added comfort. 
  • regen: 3rd party-certified 100% recycled polyester made from post-consumer PET.
  • Mipan® regen: 3rd party-certified 100% recycled nylon made from reclaimed waste.
  • creora® PowerFit: spandex/elastane with high power and excellent heat resistance that maintains its fabric power even when setting its fabric power at high temperature or re-dyeing.
  • creora® Fresh: spandex/elastane that possesses excellent deodorizing and durability attributes that do not wash out.
  • creora® eco-soft: spandex/elastane that enables heat setting at a low temperature for heat-sensitive fibers offering a softer hand and drape and whiter whites. Lower heat consumption allows for cost savings and improved productivity.

Fabric Suggestions:

  • Peached jersey
  • Brushed Interlock
  • Brushed rib
  • Soft terry

Please contact us for more information on our textile trends, performance yarns, and fabric suggestions by clicking on the contact button. We will move on to our final FDC FW ‘23/’24 sub-trend, Science of Comfort, and its first theme tomorrow!

FDC FW ’23/’24 Active Lounge

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