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Mill Partner Spotlight on Best Pacific

Stories | July 15, 2021

As you most likely know, textile mills are an essential link within the supply chain. Materials cannot be made without them! Close collaboration with our mill partners, which range from industry trends and insights to material and product development, allows us to provide innovative textile solutions to brands and their respective consumers. 

One of our long-standing mill partners is, Best Pacific. Our collaboration began in 2004, and not only have we collaborated on many projects over the 17 years, we’ve also established many close friendships. Following is a bit of background and a Q&A with Best Pacific’s, Kevin Zan, General Manager – Sportswear Division…

Best Pacific, located in the city of Dongguan in Guangdong Province China, is one of the few lingerie material manufacturers in the world that provides one-stop solutions through its comprehensive product line of lingerie materials (with a focus on stretch fabric, webbing, and lace), and sportswear materials.

Best Pacific has established long-term and close collaboration with leading global brands such as Aimer, Chantelle, Embry Form, Maidenform, Marks & Spencer, Spanx, Triumph, Victoria’s Secret and Wacoal. With its strong, innovative product development capabilities, the Group not only manufactures lingerie materials for these brands, but it also jointly develops new lingerie materials and products, which create new market trends for lingerie products. 

In addition, the company has successfully expanded into the active sportswear market by offering performance fabrics and webbing to brands and manufacturers that develop apparel for cycling, running, yoga, Pilates, athleisure, and more. 

Kevin Zan, Best Pacific General Manager – Sportswear Division, was kind to answer a few questions as to how our partnership began and has endured over the years.

How did Best Pacific and Hyosung begin working together?

At the very beginning, Best Pacific was specializing in making stretch materials with nylon and spandex to lingerie and activewear markets, Hyosung was the most professional nylon and spandex supplier in the world, with a mutual understanding of our products – and the same dream to work and grow business together.

What does Best Pacific look for when selecting a fiber/mill to partner with?

When we select a fiber supplier for partnership, we always think about innovation, performance, production quality consistency, and cost. Both of us need to have the same clear understanding and commitment to always deliver the best products to market and to consumers.

Why do you think Best Pacific and Hyosung have become such strong partners over the years?

We work together to serve brands, we always think about partnerships and a win-win business strategy. Through our partnership of strong innovation and experience developing technical products, we want to bring this this win-win benefit to brands and consumers.

Please share how you both work together to anticipate brand developers’ needs.

First of all, both of us have very dedicated teams that work with brands. Secondly, we have regular touch-base meetings to discuss how to work together to develop the RIGHT products for brands based on our daily communication and business trips.

What was a particularly challenging product developer request and how did Best Pacific and Hyosung accomplish it? 

Hyosung is very strong on cooling yarn technology. Best Pacific is very innovative in fabric design. Cooling yarn has some limitations to get microfiber and streakiness due to unique section. We were asked by a product developer to create a microfiber cooling yarn with fine gauge, light-weight fabric. After internal discussion and analysis, Hyosung developed the cooling yarn after few trials. We supported Hyosung to proceed into fabric development in order to make a comprehensive evaluation of its production quality and consistency. With each round of trials, Hyosung always respected Best Pacific’s technical feedback to create an innovative product for the brand to market.

With the pandemic hopefully coming to a close this year, we are all hoping to see one another at an industry trade show or another gathering soon! On your travels, we hope you have the opportunity to meet our good friends at Best Pacific!

A gathering with the Best Pacific Team and Hyosung