Hyosung FDC FW ’23/’24 Trend Byte 7 – Hyosung Performance Textiles

Hyosung FDC FW ’23/’24 Trend Byte 7

Trends | November 10, 2022

Lewis Hong

Hello! We’ve made it to our last Sport Smart theme – one that we are really excited about. It’s called Digital Reign.

Digital Reign evolves from a youth-led direction inspired by emerging futuristic metastreetwear – where physical and digital worlds collide through fantasy-inspired aesthetics. Iridescent or metallic coated fabrics are driving the forces translating the impact of the metaverse into commercial, youth-led design directions. Functional features include water repellency, windproofing, and lightweight.

Our recommended yarn and fabric suggestions for Digital Reign include:

Key Hyosung Yarns:

Fabric suggestions

Please contact us for more information on our textile trends, performance yarns, and fabric suggestions by clicking on the contact button. We will move on to our next Interconnected Future Sub-trend called Exploration of Outdoors next week beginning with the first theme, Storm Proofing Property.

FDC FW ’23/’24 Digital Reign