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Introducing Maggie Zhong, Marketing Team at Hyosung Shanghai, China

Stories | December 2, 2021

We are pleased to shine our employee spotlight on Maggie Zhong, an important member of our Global Brand Marketing Team based in our Shanghai office. With a background in textile engineering and a passion for garment trends and construction, Maggie helps global and locally-based brands determine the most appropriate textile solutions for their product development needs. In the five short years, she has been with the company, Maggie has helped strengthen our partnerships with brands, retailers, and fabric suppliers. Perhaps you’ve had the opportunity to meet Maggie at Intertextile Shanghai Show (ITS), but if not, you can get to know her a bit in the Q & A below! 

How long have you been with the company? What broughyou to Hyosung? 

I joined Hyosung in 2017 after graduating from college. Initially, I only knew that Hyosung was a famous spandex manufacturer in the textile industry. Several of my senior classmates took jobs at Hyosung and discovered they were enjoying their work with the company, so I followed in their footsteps. After working at Hyosung for about 5 years now, I think I made a smart choice as we have such a brilliant team. I have made acquaintances with so many great colleagues here!

Have you always been interested in the textile industry and if so why?

Yes, absolutely! On weekends, I like visiting brands’ stores and seeing what garments are on-trend. I majored in textile engineering in college, which provided me a theoretical knowledge of textiles, particularly the fabric knitting and dyeing process. After joining Hyosung, I’ve gotten to know more about fibers and what a significant role they play in fabrics and garments. Through these experiences, I can recommend proper fibers for brands to make apparel. It’s so cool to see our fibers applied garments! It motivates me to dig more into this industry.

What do you like best about your role at Hyosung?

Exploring the needs of customers with curiosity! I like asking questions when meeting with brands and fabric suppliers. Hyosung encourages us to listen closely to our customers so we can better understand their demands and service them well. It also provides us with an opportunity to learn from them about the latest market dynamics, which I find so inspiring. I think this is one of the most charming aspects of my role at Hyosung

Can you please share a memorable challenge with a brand and how you overcame it?

In my opinion, the biggest challenge is developing strong relationships with brands, along with building their trust in us and our fibers. Thanks to our team’s continuous efforts with developing textile solutions along the value chain, in addition to our beneficial brand storytelling, we are establishing better and better relationships with global and local brands in China, such as Lining, aimer, Kappa, Ubras, Balneaire, Maia, Decathlon, H&M, etc.

How do you think the textile industry and Hyosung have changed over the last 2 to 3 years?

Recently, more and more brands prefer to use multi-functional fabrics to provide better wearing experiences for consumers and to highlight their distinctive advantages.  Another core change, of course, is sustainability. Hyosung keeps developing and launching new fibers demonstrating that we are not only a fiber manufacturer, but also an innovative solution provider for the textile industry

Do you have a favorite Hyosung fiber and if so, what is it?

Regen fibers – Hyosung’s family of recycled fibers that include creora® regen – 100% pre-consumer recycled spandex, creora® bio-based – approximately 30% of weight from a natural source, Mipan regen – 100% pre-consumer recycled nylon, and regen askin cool-touch polyester made from 100% post-consumer PET,  all of which provide brands with a variety of choices for their sustainable project.

Who are a few idols that inspire you and why?

Ma Long, a Chinese table tennis player. His steady mood when facing enormous challenges is so inspiring! His dedicated enthusiasm and concentration on his ping-pong career, along with his strong will in overcoming his illness, always give me courage and motivates me to live life more fully and work harder.

What gives you joy outside of work?

Lots of things, but mostly activities that inspire me to move life ahead such as working out, learning new skills, traveling with friends, watching sports games, etc. Shanghai is a magical city that provides us with diverse options for exploring new interests and enjoying life.

What kind of music do you like to listen to these days?

Jay Chou! When I was a teenager, he was my idol and I was crazy about him. As time flies, his music still inspires me!  The pleasant melody makes me feel relaxed, cheerful, and energetic.

Where is one place that you’ve never been, but is high on our list to visit?

Paris! I would love to take a cruise ship on the Seine River and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Paris – the famous Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, and ancient architecture. I think I will fall in love with this romantic city!