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Hyosung Introduces New creora® 3D Max at Kingpins24 – For Denim You Want to Live In

News & Events | June 24, 2020

June 22, 2020; Seoul, South Korea – Denim in its many styles and finishes is the ‘go-to’ apparel choice for consumers around the world, and all-day comfort without sacrificing lasting shape is in demand. To provide denim-lovers with jeans they want to live in, Hyosung has developed new creora® 3D Max spandex, which it will debut at the Kingpins24 virtual denim event taking place online June 23-24, 2020.

Hyosung introduced 3D Max spandex to give denim products dual performance features such ultra-stretch and excellent recovery that last over time. Jeans made with 3D Max offer a natural look and feel and allow for add-on details such as eco-friendly finishes and laser treatments.

“In denim, it has traditionally been difficult to get super stretch with low growth or bagging,” said Mike Simko, Hyosung’s Global Marketing Director -Textiles.  “The industry wants more than 50% stretch, but they want it with less than 5% growth. While there is currently a way to achieve these targets, it can be expensive and constraining, therefore mills and brands have been asking Hyosung for a better solution. We are happy our creora® 3D Max has filled this need.”

At Kingping24, Simko joins Tim Huesemann, director and shareholder of Panther Denim & Tat Fung, in a moderated discussion on the importance of collaborative developments and how the denim industry can benefit by all working together. Simko will also share more information about creora® 3D Max spandex along with Hyosung’s GRS certified creora® regen spandex made from 100% reclaimed waste, and forthcoming creora® bio-based spandex. The pre-recorded interview will go live on Wednesday, June 24 in the 1:00PM to 2:00PM ET timeslot and can be viewed by visiting www.kingpinsshow.com.

About Hyosung

Hyosung is a comprehensive fiber manufacturer, which produces world-class products, providing innovation and solutions to the textile industry. Hyosung’s creora® elastane is the world’s largest spandex brand, supplying the broadest range of stretch fiber offerings supported by exceptional technology and quality.  Mipan® nylon and specialty polyester provide functional and sustainable fiber solutions that are essential to today’s dynamic textile market.