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News & Events | March 20, 2024

Hyosung Presents new regen™ Planet-Friendly Textile Solutions at Spring Trade Shows

Innovation for a better tomorrow

March 2024; Seoul, South Korea – Expanding its dedication to ongoing innovation and delivering sustainable solutions for a wide range of needs throughout the value chain, Hyosung will introduce a distinctive range of certified sustainable materials at forthcoming international trade shows this spring.

At Performance Days Munich & Functional Fabric Fair Portland 

From nature to performance fiber

Creating a more powerful sustainable story, Hyosung has expanded its offering of regen™ Bio-Based Spandex, replacing nearly all the fiber’s raw materials previously made with petroleum-based resources with 100% renewable resources. The company recently received an independent 3rd party LCA for its expanded offering of regen Bio-Based Spandex. 

Hyosung was the first company to commercially introduce USDA and SGS-certified regen Bio-Based Spandex made with 30% renewable resources in 2021, which has been successfully adopted by leading global brands. According to an independent 3rd party LCA, the manufacture of 1kg regen Bio-Based spandex reduces its carbon footprint by 20% as compared to the production 1kg of conventional spandex. 

“We are very excited about our expanded regen Bio-Based Spandex offering that further reduces our dependence on fossil fuels and carbon emissions,” said Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, Hyosung Global Sustainability Director. “As a comprehensive provider of sustainable textile solutions, our goal is to provide textile options that meet the diverse needs of our mills, brands, and consumers. We take pride in achieving this objective.”

Ocean Protection Initiative

At Performance Days and Functional Fabric Fair, Hyosung will also present the latest innovations with its GRS-certified, 100% post-consumer recycled regen Ocean Nylon made from discarded fishing nets. Third party LCA data shows that the manufacture of 1 kg regen ocean post-consumer recycled nylon made with discarded fishing nets reduces CO2 emissions by 73%, fossil resource use by 76%, and water consumption by 98% compared to the manufacture of 1 kg of conventional nylon. Under its proprietary recycling process, Hyosung recently increased production and re-launched regen Ocean Nylon in early 2023, which has led to major outdoor brand adoptions that are launching new products made with the material this spring. 

Reuse. Recycle. Regen.

To meet consumer desire for sustainable apparel that offers comfort with performance benefits, Hyosung has uniquely added multi-function properties in the manufacture of its certified 100% recycled Spandex, Nylon and Polyester fibers. For instance, Hyosung’s regen Askin Polyester offers cool touch, UV protection and quick drying benefits. Its regen Xanadu is a mechanical stretch fiber made with a blend of recycled post-consumer PET and plant-based materials providing a performance fit.

At Kingpins Amsterdam

Innovation for denim you want to live in

At Kingpins Amsterdam, Hyosung will present new denim stretch innovations with its CREORA® 3D Max Spandex. Hyosung’s CREORA 3D Max Spandex delivers high-performance stretch and recovery with a very small portion of Spandex content uniquely allowing the garment to be recycled according to Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s The Jeans Redesign.

Anticipating denim brand needs, Hyosung has added sustainable and functional versions of the fiber that matches the same performance and recyclability benefits as conventional CREORA® 3D Max Spandex, which include USDA and SGS-certified regen Bio-Based 3D Max Spandex, RCS certified, 100% recycled regen 3D Max Spandex made from industrial waste, and CREORA® Easy 3D Max Eastane that provides soft power and excellent stretch. 

“Hyosung is dedicated to developing various versions of denim spandex with added bio-functionality in the future, said Simon Hong, Hyosung Denim Lead.  “This initiative aims to provide consumers with options that prioritize not only eco-friendliness but also comfort and convenience. By incorporating special features into these products, Hyosung seeks to enhance the overall user experience while contributing to sustainable practices in the fashion industry.”

At Kingpins, Hyosung will sponsor and participate in a panel discussion with denim design professionals with varied prospectives on what fit might look like in 5 years’ time. 

Hyosung can be found at Performance Days, March 21-22, stand X05, Functional Fabric Fair Portland, April 17-18, booth 1608, and Kingpins Amsterdam April 24-25 taking place in the SugarFactory.

About Hyosung

Hyosung is a complete sustainable textile solutions provider that produces world-class products, providing continuous innovation to the textile industry. Hyosung is the world’s largest manufacturer of spandex supplying the broadest range of stretch fiber offerings supported by exceptional technology and quality under its CREORA® Spandex and regen brands. Hyosung’s specialty nylon and polyester provide functional and sustainable fiber solutions that are essential to today’s dynamic textile market. The company is proud Textile Exchange Partner-level Member and Ocean Network member. Visit our blog at blog.hyosungtnc.com for all the latest trend, event, and product updates. Hyosung can also be found on Instagram @hyosung_textiles  and on LinkedIn at Hyosung Performance Textiles

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