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Hyosung TNC x Kakao Friends joined hands for eco-friendliness

Green Partnerships | April 29, 2021

Hyosung TNC is supplying eco-friendly fiber regen® to Kakao Friends. “Kakao Friends Green Life,” which is made with Hyosung TNC’s regen, is the first eco-friendly product line introduced by Kakao Friends, popular for its unique and cute characters.

The goal of this collaboration is to increase consumers’ interest in the environment by creating eco-friendly products with these familiar characters by Hyosung TNC and Kakao Friends. Hyosung TNC’s “regen” was adopted as its first recycled raw material.

Regen is an eco-friendly polyester fiber made by recycling discarded transparent PET bottles. As the number of “eco-conscious consumption” purchases has increased recently, Hyosung is meeting consumers through collaboration with various fashion brands in the development of masks, T-shirts, and bags and other apparel.

Kakao Friends Green Life’s cooling bag is made of eco-friendly materials and packaging. To reduce plastic waste, one cooling bag is made of 3.3 500ml PET bottles and the product is wrapped in eco-friendly plastic.

These simple cooling bags can be purchased for 19,000 won with Ryan and Apeach character design at Kakao Friends’ online and offline stores on the 19th. In addition, you can find reusable ice cups, lunch boxes, and water bottles.