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Trends | July 8, 2024

Hyosung Presents New SS 2026 Textile Trends

Well-being, Sports Tourism and Authenticity influence forecast

To consistently deliver creative innovation and sustainable textile solutions throughout the entire value chain, Hyosung’s Fashion Design Center (FDC), an interactive fashion studio that spans the U.S., Europe, and Asia, has released its forecasted Spring Summer 2026 Textile Trend report. This report, developed through surveying progressive brands and retailers and researching consumer insights, provides a vision of the key materials major apparel brands will be incorporating into their collections next year.

Health and wellness, a high rise in sports tourism and desire for planet-friendly products are the key influencers in textile trends for SS 26.  

According to Gary Oh, Hyosung FDC Team/General Manager, consumers are increasingly prioritizing self-care and travel for sport, which is driving demand for versatile, multi-function apparel crafted from sustainable materials to enhance their experiences.   

With this insight in mind, FDC predicts the three following SS 26 textile trend for apparel made with Hyosung’s broad range of CREORA® and certified sustainable regen™ brands of spandex, performance nylon and polyester yarns. 

–       Wanderlust Days: With the trend of enjoying beach-side and other outdoor activities on vacation, consumers seeking activewear that features: advanced functionality, feel-good athleisure apparel made with enhanced plant-based materials, versatile sportswear with a natural surface, and eye-catching sports, swimwear that satisfies both trendy beachwear and active swim. These details are covered in the theme’s four sub-trends – Vacation Mode, Vibrant Nature, and Technical Naturals, and Playful Wave. 

–       Out-Topia Utility: As the increase in travel trend since the pandemic continues, consumers are looking for trendy outdoor pieces that depart from traditional outdoor designs. For instance, bleisure wear pieces that flex between work, play and adventuring that featuring lightweight woven with unique textures and sheer patters, and fashion forward thermal layers – all of which are reflected in the theme’s Off the Mountain, Lightweight Innovation and Breathable Summer sub-trends.

–       Restorative Move: With this theme, versatile weekend wear with extra comfort for vacation moments, deep sleep loungewear with soft handfeel and breathable structure, sophisticated extremely sheer, in addition to cooling intimate fabrics for fresh comfort are highlighted. Sub-trends within this theme include Wellness Voyage, Sleepwell Imagination, Skin-Soothing Technology, and Unveiled Elegance. 

More detailed information on FDC’s SS 26 textile trend themes and sub-trends will be presented in a weekly Trend Byte series featured on the Hyosung Performance Textiles blog Trend Section beginning July 10, 2024. We hope you tune in!

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