Introducing Ken Tam, General Marketing Manager Hyosung International (H.K.) – Hyosung Performance Textiles


Introducing Ken Tam, General Marketing Manager Hyosung International (H.K.)

Stories | September 12, 2021

We are very happy to put the spotlight on Ken Tam this month! Ken is our General Marketing Manager Hyosung International based in our Hong Kong office. He brought his extensive sales and marketing experience with leading textile brands to our Global Brand Marketing Team in February 2017. With his deep knowledge and understanding of the entire supply chain, Ken introduces our range of specialty products to brands and retailers with sourcing offices in Hong Kong. He guides them to select and helps promote the fibers and yarns that are most suitable for their product development. Additionally, he connects Hyosung mill partners with targeted Hong Kong-based sourcing offices to help build and strengthen their businesses by incorporating Hyosung’s specialty fibers and yarns. 

Ken’s enthusiasm for his work at Hyosung extends to his love for adventure, whether it be on the golf course, his bike, motorcycle, or exploring the vast array of dining experiences in Hong Kong. If you need a recommendation of where to dine when in the area, Ken is the guy to help you out!

What led you to Hyosung?

My experience in the textile sales and technical field began almost 30 years ago. My marketing experience allows me to give more overall downstream support on product usage and market dynamics. As Hyosung is one of the most famous textile companies in spandex/nylon/polyester manufacturing, I was attracted to the company. I wanted to explore marketing these fibers and yarns to brands and retailers looking for solutions to develop unique products with our variety of performance fibers.

 Have you always been interested in the textile industry and if so why?

When I was a child, my mother patiently taught me to choose my favorite button, sewing thread, and other components to sew in my own garments. She inspired and sparked my interest in textiles, which led me to choose textile technology as my major study at university. I still feel the textile industry is very interesting and innovation can be found here.

What do you like best about your role at Hyosung?

Hong Kong is a strategic city for many brands and retailers as they see the benefit to source materials in Asia (HK, China, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.). Hong Kong strategically allows for flexibility, freedom, and suitable manpower from a business point of view, so many sourcing offices have been set up here. My marketing role at Hyosung gives me the opportunity to learn and share knowledge with the whole value chain, which I really enjoy.

How do you think the textile industry and Hyosung have changed over the last 2 to 3 years?

Sustainability has become (and will continue to be) a key role in the textile industry. Actually, Hyosung has supplied recycled nylon and polyester for many years – even before sustainability became the trend or business model that it is today. Based on social responsibility, Hyosung has continued to invest and implement several sustainability projects such as regen Ocean, regen, Seoul, and regen Jeju, in the past year or so. Our 100% recycled creora® regen spandex and creora® bio-based spandex are becoming – and will continue to – be “Stars” in the sustainability market.

Do you have a favorite Hyosung fiber and if so, what is it?

When we go back 10-15 years ago, the grin-through was a headache when it came to tight-fitting spandex garments. Buyers/mills used several ways to overcome the issue but were never satisfied. Our creora® color+ spandex (to include acid dyeable & reactive dyeable type) can really help to solve this issue, and as a result, is getting popular in different applications. 

Who are a few idols that inspire you and why?

Leo Messi! He’s a 34-year-old soccer player from Argentina who has super talent and placed a huge effort in his career over his lifetime life. While he got many personal awards, he failed in international competitions when he represent the Argentina team, disappointing many. However, he never gave up and continued to build strength and perseverance. Finally, Leo lead his team to be a champion in the Copa America Cup this year.

What gives you joy outside of work?

I started to play soccer when I was 10 years old. I use my left leg and started as a striker, then left midfielder, then left backfielder – and before I retired – I was the goalkeeper. Now, I am a golfer which is a good game for me to learn focus.

Now that we are slowly coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic, what are you most looking forward to experiencing?

Travel, definitely! There are many places I’m looking forward to going to, and many friends I cannot wait to meet. I hope the restriction will be finished soon as a long travel list awaits me – China, Japan, France, Germany, Taiwan, US….  

Where is one place you’ve never been, but is high on your list to visit?

The Arctic! I love the beauty of natural scenery and I’m fascinated with the northern lights. It would be amazing to see it in real life!