Hyosung FDC FW 25/26 Trend Byte 5 – Hyosung Performance Textiles

Hyosung FDC FW 25/26 Trend Byte 5

Trends | March 6, 2024

Our second FDC FW 25/26 Well-Being Theory sub-trend is called Comfy Stretch – something we all love!

Comfy Stretch

 A barely-there comfort feel is still considered a mega word not only for intimates, but also for active and athleisure brands. In line with these trends, fabrics with ultra-soft stretch and recovery power without size limitation will dominate among the best-selling pieces among a broad variety of brands. 

Our recommended yarns and fabrics for Comfy Stretch include:

Key Yarns

Suggested Fabrics

Soft stretch single jersey/interlock/tricot for intimates and loungewear. Fabrics that also enable size simplification for panties.

Please contact us for more information on our textile trends, performance yarns, and fabric suggestions by clicking on the contact button. We will move on to our sixth FW 25/26 Textile Trend Byte called Reimagined Ribs on Friday! 

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