Hyosung FW ’23/’24 Trend Byte 9 – Hyosung Performance Textiles

Hyosung FW ’23/’24 Trend Byte 9

Trends | November 24, 2022

Lewis Hong

To our friends in the US, we are wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving!
The days are getting shorter and colder as we head into winter, so we believe our next Exploration of Outdoors theme, Knit Fleece, is very timely to share.

For FW ‘23/’24, brushed textures continue to stand out as a key seasonal message with a clean and compact aesthetic. The #thegreatoutdoors boom and the rise of the outdoorsy lifestyle are driving demand for this comfy, soft, and warming layer. 

Our recommended yarn and fabric suggestions for Knit Fleece include:

Hyosung Key Yarns:

Fabric Suggestions:

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