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Hyosung Female Leaders Celebrating International Women’s History Month

Stories | March 31, 2023

At Hyosung, we believe great people are what make a great company. As International Women’s History Month ends, we want to celebrate a team of extraordinary women around the globe that make Hyosung TNC as influential and special as it is today!

In honor of this special month, we wanted to know, “What makes you happy to be a woman today?” We hope you find inspiration in their answers below.

“I am pleased to work with such smart and pro-active female colleagues at Hyosung. This allows me to easily communicate with them and comfortably and intimately share thoughts to find a solution.” Sora Yoo, CMO Hyosung TNC, Seoul, South Korea

“I think men and women have different strengths. I feel proud as a woman when I can sympathize with and be there for others’ joys and sorrows. The Korean society still has an organizational atmosphere that is not very female friendly. It is improving a lot, however, and the new generation is creating a new culture. I feel a sense of responsibility and satisfaction as a senior who provides a foundation for female juniors to be treated the same as men, and to demonstrate their abilities without challenge in a supportive environment.” Julia Nam, US Marketing Manager-Performance Textiles, New York City, NY

“I’m happy being a woman out in Mother nature! It brings me a lot of fulfilment to continually challenge myself at work and at play. During this month when we celebrate International Women’s History – I would like to  give a big shout-out to all my  female colleagues who are working hard to make a difference everyday. ‘’ Claire O’Neill, European Marketing Manager-Performance Textiles, UK

Currently, the fashion market is growing around women. Chanel’s tweed jacket and Dior’s striped knitwear are clearly designed to make women’s silhouettes shine beautifully – and this is something we can only feel and understand by wearing it ourselves. As a woman, I am happy to experience various global fashion trends while building my career in the fashion industry.” Nari Kim, Global Marketing Team Sustainable Product Leader, creora® Spandex, Seoul, South Korea

“What makes me happy about being a woman today is being able to be a reference for my 7-year-old daughter (Valentina), who is also a woman and starting her life path in this world. Having the feminine sensitivity to welcome and guide each moment, as well as the empathy to understand your moment in life, accompanying each step and each lesson is a blessing. What also makes me happy is contributing my knowledge and attitudes to make the world a better place, whether through my work or positioning, valuing good attitudes, respect, education, and fraternity.” Roberta Schroeder, Marketing Manager, Hyosung Brazil

“I feel happy and encouraged to try diverse things for my work, thanks to all the supportive members I work with.” Ella Park, Textile Marketing Team, Seoul, South Korea

“I am sharing what makes me happy to be a woman for not only me, but my colleagues Jessie and Rachel too! We have been working together for over 5 years together at Hyosung. It’s such a big pleasure to work as a team with these two wonderful women who are positive, smart, cooperative, and super productive! By working together, we keep learning, sharing knowledge and supporting each other as we grow and get stronger… which makes our life meaningful.” Jenny Deng, Marketing Team, Hyosung, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

I am happy to be part of a company that is creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce. I feel empowered knowing that my work and skills are valued, and that I have the opportunity to pursue a fulfilling career alongside my male counterparts. Seeing more and more women in leadership positions also gives me hope for a brighter and more equal future. Let’s continue to support and uplift each other as we work towards a future with more equity. Happy International Women’s History Month! Georgina Vinyalas, Sales Manager Hyosung TNC, Barcelona, Spain

Many thanks to all these amazing women who make Hyosung such a joy to work with! May you keep on inspiring all of us.