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ASRV and Hyosung Collaborate on Activewear Brand’s New 2023 Winter Collection

News & Events | January 15, 2024

Introducing new advanced cold weather base-layer apparel designed for long-lasting freshness 

January 15, 2024 – Seoul, South Korea – Always in search of the most advanced textiles to surprise and anticipate consumer needs, California-based ASRV, a premium, technical activewear brand that pushes the bounds of performance and style, has adopted Hyosung’s CREORA® Aerosilver technology into its newly released 2023 Winter collection.

CREORA® Aerosilver is a functional polyester yarn that contains silver ions built into the fiber, which inhibits the proliferation and growth of microorganisms or bacteria harmful to the human body, providing long-lasting freshness. 

ASRV, a men’s-only brand recognized for incorporating unseen technology to enhance their apparel, has chosen CREORA® Aerosilver as a key performance ingredient for its Winter 2023 Collection of Tech-Terry™, Nano-Mesh, and Silver-Lite™ apparel to include hoodies, cargo joggers, sweats, tees, and shirts. 

“ASRV is an innovative brand that is passionate about delivering only the best apparel when it comes to design, performance, comfort, and style in the activewear space,” said Laura Nilo, Hyosung US Marketing Manager – West Coast Lead. “We are thrilled to have collaborated on its Winter 2023 collection and look forward to furthering our partnership. ASRV is continually innovating to bring fresh new performance aesthetics by adopting more Hyosung multi-function fibers in future seasons.”

The vast majority of ASRV’s products are developed by its manufacturing and production team in South Korea, where they take part in a longstanding cultural tradition of premium craftsmanship. South Korea also has many specialized fabric mills, where ASRV can work with the teams to develop its custom technical materials and collaborating closely with Hyosung is the reason ASRV is able to innovate such unique products while maintaining its rigorous standards. 

More information about the ASRV 2023 Base Layer Collection with CREORA® Areosilver can be found online here.

About ASRV 

ASRV – All Season Recreation Versatility – is a collective of athletes, designers, entrepreneurs, and creatives, but the thing that ties us all together is our obsession with getting more – out of our minds, our bodies, and our lives. The category of activewear was originally created for the person seeking a championship or some form of external achievement. We view these as potential side effects of our efforts, but not the ultimate goal. We exist for the individual who relentlessly chases the next challenge, in search of that beautiful place between pressure and ability, where we find our deepest sense of purpose.

About Hyosung

Hyosung is a complete sustainable textile solutions provider that produces world-class products, providing continuous innovation to the textile industry. Hyosung is the world’s largest manufacturer of spandex/elastane supplying the broadest range of stretch fiber offerings supported by exceptional technology and quality under its creora® spandex/elastane brand. Hyosung’s specialty nylon and polyester provide functional and sustainable fiber solutions that are essential to today’s dynamic textile market. Visit our blog at for all the latest trend, event, and product updates.