Hyosung SS ’23 Trend Byte #11 – Hyosung Performance Textiles

Trends | June 14, 2022

Hyosung SS ’23 Trend Byte #11

Lewis Hong

Hello! Our second Essence of Comfort textile sub-trend is called Delicate Texture.

Various textures such as rib, waffle, or mesh gain importance in the intimates market. Knitted with functional and eco-friendly yarns, these familiar textures have evolved into upgraded and versatile must-have essential pieces that offer lightweight, soft touch, and soft stretch.

Our recommended yarns for delicate texture materials include: 

  • askin:  cooling and UV protective polyester fiber
  • aqua-x: cooling and UV protective nylon fiber
  • regen: GRS certified, 100% recycled polyester fiber
  • Mipan regen: GRS certified, 100% recycled nylon fiber
  • creora® powerfit: spandex/elastane with high power and excellent heat resistance that maintains its fabric power even when setting at high temperature or re-dyeing

Please contact us for more information on these performance yarns and our textile trend information. We will be back with another trend byte next week!

Delicate Texture

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