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Introducing Eve Chen, Marketing Manager, Hyosung Taiwan

Stories | January 10, 2022

We are pleased to shine our employee spotlight on Eve Chen, an important member of our Global Brand Marketing Team based in our Taiwan office. Eve’s life-long love of textiles drew her to a career in the field. She has over 17 years of experience in fabric development, yarn and chemical material research, in addition to sports textile business and marketing. Eve joined us in 2020 to help us strengthen brand and retailer collaborations in Taiwan – and we are so happy she’s on our team. If you’ve not had the opportunity to meet Eve, you can get to know her a bit in the Q & A below! 

What led you to Hyosung?

I joined Hyosung because I was moved by the company’s sincerity and enthusiasm in yarn and textile. Before I joined Hyosung, I cooperated with the company and built solid friendships with Hyosung colleagues over ten years in my previous role in sales and material development at RAY-Fabrics CO. in Taiwan. Through our collaboration with Hyosung on many projects, we successfully developed new products and promoted them to commercial markets together. In 2020, Hyosung Taiwan invited me to join its team to strengthen its customer service in Taiwan.

Have you always been interested in the textile industry and if so why?

 Since I was in junior high school, I have been very interested in sewing. I love to go shopping at the fabric market with my mother and sisters because I can always make stories with different fabrics, imagining that fabrics can bring a new journey. In senior high school, the ordinary fabrics could no longer satisfy my creative desire. So, I bought some dyestuff, cooked the dyes in my home kitchen, and used the dye for tie-dyeing and batik technologies to create more unique fabrics. My friends have always received my unique textile handicrafts for their birthday gifts, and they love them! My sister encouraged me to apply to the Department of Textiles and Clothing at Fu Jen Catholic University and my deep interest in textiles turned out to be my career.

What do you like best about your role at Hyosung?

I am grateful to work as a member of the marketing team at Hyosung. Hyosung’s leadership, along with our Global Marketing Team, always provide the support I need to satisfy customers’ demand and earn their trust. With their support, I use market industry and networking information to provide textile solutions to our customers. From customer meetings, I am able to provide strategic feedback to our team for product enhancement. I really enjoy linking Hyosung with customers and expanding the businesses.

Can you please share a memorable challenge with a brand and how you overcame it?

 Due to Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer back to Manchester United, one of our customers in Thailand (Y.R.C. Textile) hoped Hyosung could supply around 10 tons of Askin®regen (recycled cooling polyester yarn) for an urgent Adidas Taiwan order last September. The Adidas Taiwan material Operation APP team reached me to help with this urgent case. I quickly reported the situation to our Hyosung HQ supervisors to convince them to assist with this urgent demand as there could be more yarn orders forthcoming as a result of C. Ronaldo’s huge Instagram following and influence. Thanks to Hyosung’s HQ support, the factory had the support to increase the production lines to fulfill Y.R.C.’s and Adidas’ urgent demand.

Do you have a favorite Hyosung fiber and if so, what is it?

 I have several favorite Hyosung fibers and it is hard for me to pick just one! My favorite fibers are creora®Power, creora®Color+, creora®regen and creora®bio-based. Why? 

As Hyosung’s products continue to evolve and improve, I know my favorites will change as there will always be better ones!

What gives you joy outside of work?

I love doing yoga and floral art. Flower arranging helps keep my mind calm and peaceful. Doing yoga helps ease muscle tension and keeps me energetic. I highly recommend yoga and flower arrangements as they help relax stress physically and mentally.  

Where is one place that you’ve never been, but is high on your list to visit?

Iceland. I love northern lights and used to drive on the icy roads to trace the aurora in Alaska. Iceland not only has a beautiful aurora, but also natural scenery, such as volcanos. I would like to take a phenomenal journey there.