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Hyosung Furthers its Certified Sustainable Denim Textile and Sourcing Solutions

News & Events | January 18, 2024

Expanded regen® Bio-Based spandex and global sourcing strategies presented at Kingpins NYC 

January 18, 2024: Seoul, South Korea – Anticipating the denim industry’s focus on agile global supply chain and sourcing strategies, in addition to more diverse and certified sustainable textile offerings, Hyosung is looking forward to introducing its 2024 sustainable textile and sourcing solutions for denim at Kingpins NYC, booth #12, January 24-25th at Basketball City. 

According to Hyosung, the strategic emphasis on global sourcing for the denim industry is expected to play a crucial role, emphasizing the efficient utilization of resources from different regions to acquire the best raw materials. Furthermore, the procurement of sustainable materials and the adoption of ethical production processes are considered essential. The ability to swiftly adapt to the ever-changing landscape of consumer trends is crucial.

“Sourcing is set to be a pivotal factor in defining the strategic priorities of the denim industry in 2024,” said Simon Hong, Hyosung Global Marketing Lead – Denim. “Ranging from global sourcing practices and agile supply chain strategies to sustainability considerations, these elements are anticipated to collectively shape the industry’s trajectory and achievements this year. We are fortunate to fulfill many of these requirements with a global manufacturing footprint, strong mill partner relationships, and an extensive portfolio of certified sustainable textile offerings.”

Furthering its commitment to continuous innovation and providing sustainable solutions for diverse needs across the denim value chain, Hyosung will introduce a unique offering of certified sustainable materials that make denim better at Kingpins NYC.

·       regen® Bio-Based spandex for jeans made with renewable resources

Creating a more powerful, traceable sustainable story, Hyosung is expanding its regen® Bio-Based spandex offering to include options for the yarn to be made with both 70% and 98% renewable resources. Hyosung was the first company to commercially introduce USDA and SGS-certified regen® Bio-Based spandex made with 30% renewable resources in 2021, which has been successfully adopted by leading global brands. According to an independent 3rd party LCA, the manufacture of 1kg regen ® Bio-Based spandex reduces its carbon footprint by 20% as compared to the production 1kg of conventional spandex.

·       regen® Spandex – for jeans made with 100% recycled materials

In 2020, Hyosung introduced RCS-certified, 100 percent recycled regen® Spandex made from reclaimed production waste. Since then, leading denim brands and retailers have adopted the fiber to offer a completely recycled product to consumers. 

·       CREORA® 3D Max spandex – for recyclable jeans 

Circularity is top of mind and denim brands and mills are following Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Jeans Redesign guidelines for recyclable denim. Among its guidelines is a requirement that denim be made with a minimum of 98 percent cellulosic material leaving 2 percent of the content for stretch or synthetic material – a challenge for Jeans Redesign participants as consumers are accustomed to high stretch and comfort. Hyosung’s CREORA® 3D Max spandex delivers high-performance stretch and recovery with a very small portion of spandex content uniquely allowing the garment to be recycled. 

Hyosung has expanded its CREORA® 3D Max spandex offering to include more sustainable and functional versions of the fiber that match the same performance and recyclability benefits as conventional CREORA® 3D Max spandex. They include new USDA and SGS-certified regen® Bio-Based 3D Max spandex, RCS-certified, 100% recycled regen® 3D Max spandex made from reclaimed production waste, and CREORA® Easy 3D Max spandex that provides soft power with excellent stretch and recovery.  

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