Hyosung FDC SS 25 Trend Byte 6 – Hyosung Performance Textiles

Hyosung FDC SS 25 Trend Byte 6

Trends | June 28, 2023

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about our FDC SS 25 Trend Byte Series! Our second Great Escape sub-trend is called Protective Basic.

Protective Basic – Weather-repellent knit

The number of consumers enjoying a number of outdoor activities such as extreme sports, running, cycling, hiking and camping continue to increase. During these activities, outdoor enthusiasts will often face unexpected weather such as torrential rain, heat waves and intense UV rays. Products made with UV protection, weather-resistant, cooling, wicking and quick-drying materials are needed. 

Our recommended yarns for Protective Basic  include:

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FDC SS 25 Trend Byte 6 – Protective Basic