Hyosung FDC FW ’23/’24 Trend Byte 12 – Hyosung Performance Textiles

Hyosung FDC FW ’23/’24 Trend Byte 12

Trends | December 1, 2022

Lewis Hong

Hello, and to those we met at ISPO, it was great to see you! We had a fabulous show and hope you did as well!

We’ve reached our last Exploration of Outdoors theme – Enhanced Naturals!

An enduring love of the great outdoors will see outdoor wear evolve with earth-friendly iterations and natural fibers to match performance synthetics. It’s another great way to amp up the inherent functions natural fibers have by combining synthetic yarns that add warming, antimicrobial, breathability, wicking, and quick-drying benefits.     

Our recommended yarn and fabric suggestions for Enhanced Naturals include:

Hyosung Key Yarns:

Fabric Suggestions:

Please contact us for more information on our textile trends, performance yarns, and fabric suggestions by clicking on the contact button. We will move on to our next sub-trend, Practical Aesthetics, next week!

Hyosung FDC FW ’23/24 Enhanced Naturals