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Trends | October 18, 2022

Hyosung FW ‘23/’24 Trend Byte 1 

Lewis Hong

We are excited to begin our FW ‘23/’24 Trend Byte series! We have a lot of information to share over the next few months, so please be sure to check back often!

We begin with our first sub-trend called Sport Smart, which encompasses 7 unique themes. Theme number one is called Base Layers.

Essential base layers are refreshed with a soft touch and more functions that appeal to global customers. For use in multiple sports markets, these elevated basics are ideal for winter sports, running, and camping – not to mention daily activities. Good stretch and recovery are essential for a wide range of movement and longevity. Additional key functions include warming, moisture wicking, quick drying, and soft touch. 

Our recommended yarns and fabric suggestions for Base Layers include:

Key Hyosung yarns

  • regen/Mipan regen: 3rd party-certified, 100% recycled polyester made with post-consumer waste
  • Mipan regen: 3rd party-certified, 100% recycled nylon made with reclaimed waste
  • aerolight: lightweight polyester fiber with excellent moisture absorbent/fast drying function created by the yarn’s C-type hollow-core and multi-filament structure. 
  • cotna: cotton-like polyester yarn with the touch of a natural fiber
  • creora® Powerfit: spandex/elastane with high power and excellent heat resistance that maintains its fabric power even when setting at high temperature or re-dyeing.
  • creora® Fresh: spandex/elastane that possesses excellent deodorizing and durability attributes that do not wash out.

Fabric suggestions

  • Plaited jersey
  • High-gauge single jersey
  • Brushed jersey
  • Mesh

Please contact us for more information on our textile trends, performance yarns and fabric suggestions by clicking on the contact button. Check back on Thursday when we present our next FW ‘23/’24 Trend Byte – Winter Craft!

FW ’23/’24 Base Layer

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