Hyosung FDC SS 25 Trend Byte 12 – Hyosung Performance Textiles

Hyosung FDC SS 25 Trend Byte 12

Trends | August 10, 2023

We’ve reached our final Wellness Strategy sub-trend – New Femininity – which completes our FDC SS 25 Regenerative Life Trend Byte Series!

New Femininity – Timeless Romantic Pieces …

With the return to socializing and the enjoyment of dressing up, lingerie is becoming fancier again after a period of basic styles made with comfortable stretch fabrics. Feminine fabrics with glamorous surface such as a luxurious sheen, or lace with soft touch, comfort stretch and cooling properties will be featured in mood-boosting styles for spring and summer months. 

Recommended yarns for New Femininity :

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Thanks so much for joining our SS 25 Trend Byte series! We look forward to sharing our FDC’s FW 25 Textile Trends later this fall!

FDC SS 25 Trend Byte – New Femininity