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Designer Spotlight on Daze Dayz

Stories | September 20, 2021

We are happy to introduce Daze Dayz, an international swim and resort wear brand that was conceptualized along the shores of Sydney Australia and launched in 2012. Inspired by retro style with a contemporary twist, Daze Dayz contains the essence of an adventurer who loves leisure life and being connected to the outdoors – and its goal is to bring that lifestyle to you.

Sustainability is an essential element of Daze Dayz’s brand philosophy of preserving the planet for society’s well-being. It uses Hyosung’s 100% recycled regen fabric in the manufacture of all its swimwear and all packaging is made of degradable materials.

Daze Dayz Founder and Director, Haeyoung You, was kind to spend time answering a few questions about the brand and how she developed it to be the company it is today. As a surfer and fashion designer who has worked internationally for over a decade, Haeyoung’s passion for summer, travel and fashion inspired her to think of ways to get closer to them, and as a result, Daze Dayz was born. 

What inspired you to launch Daze Dayz?

My lifestyle. I love spending time in nature, especially the beach. I find so much peace in surfing and swimming in the ocean and by traveling to warm countries. Daze Dayz is the result of my two passions, my leisurely life and my career, fashion design.

How did you come up with the name?

I still remember the moment vividly. During the summer of 2012, in Sydney, Australia, I was lounging on Manly Beach around 4pm. The warm rays, soft breeze, and gently rolling waves created a very serene and dream-like moment for me. I wanted to express the feeling of that moment with my brand, so that’s where the name Daze Dayz came from.

What has been the reaction to your brand?

Fortunately, Daze Dayz, from the beginning, has garnered the love and attention of fashion insiders, fashion media, celebrities, and influencers since its inception.  Although the brand carries items with a specific season and limited target market, our audience has always recognized and favored our unique identity and lifestyle. For this, I feel very lucky and grateful.

What attracted you to 70’s fashion?

A longing for freedom and adventure, as influenced by the hippie culture of the ’70s. Although certain realities of that time were not so positive, the overall carefree vibes and desire to express oneself that we remember from that time give many people a sort of dreamy nostalgic feeling. Rather than specific aspects of 70’s fashion, I am mainly attracted to the nostalgia and radical grooviness of that decade.

How does sustainability come into play in your design?

Sustainability is an essential part of our brand philosophy. The Daze Dayz lifestyle seeks to find a balance between our everyday activities and our leisure time. Sustainability is important to preserve our planet and for society’s own well-being. Our brand recently changed all packaging that reaches consumers to degradable materials, and we now use Hyosung’s recycled fabric “regen” for all of our swimwear. Daze Dayz is constantly striving to learn more about and practice sustainability in various ways.

How were you introduced to Hyosung?

I majored in fashion and have many years of industry experience, so I’ve known about Hyosung for quite some time. I was excited to learn that the fibers Hyosung develops are used not only in Korea but globally. As I was searching for sustainable materials for Daze Dayz, I found news about Hyosung’s research and development for eco-friendly businesses, and my respect has since deepened for this company. Everyone knows about environmental problems, but it can be quite difficult to implement practices to avoid exacerbating them in a business because it’s usually expensive. However, since there are companies like Hyosung actively investing in our planet’s future, Daze Dayz is able to take small steps towards decreasing its ecological footprint.

How did Hyosung help you with your product development solutions?

Because of the current state of the fashion industry and the environment’s natural resources, recycled fabrics made from discarded plastic- especially those that can work as high-quality fabrics for swimwear- are more expensive than ordinary and easily accessible fabrics and are difficult to order in small quantities. By understanding the direction Daze Dayz wants to head towards with its swimwear, Hyosung has been able to develop the number of fine materials we need at a reasonable cost.

What is inspiring you lately?

The balance of life based on health. The health of body and mind. It’s the most basic yet easy thing to forget in our day-to-day lives. Currently, I am working on developing a performance swimwear line that supports the health of women of all ages. For this line, we are hoping to create an authentic campaign based on people’s real stories, not the fantasy of models.

If you were not a designer, what would you be?

I don’t know. I have never thought about being anyone but who I am today. It has been my dream to become a designer since I was little, and thankfully, my dream came true.

What excites you about the future?

The numerous possibilities I have. I am a dreamer. There are still so many places I want to go to, things I want to experience, people I want to meet, and businesses I want to start. At the moment, the possibilities after the Covid-19 pandemic are most curious and exciting. My dreams and desires are limitless.

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Haeyoung You, Daze Dayz Founder and Director