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Hyosung’s Presents Guest Lecture Series at Leading Fashion Universities

News & Events | March 1, 2022

Inspiring students to consider all aspects of product development from fiber to fabric to garment

Seoul South Korea: February 28, 2022 – With the intention of planting seeds in our forthcoming designers and textile developers’ futures, Hyosung is conducting an ongoing guest lecture and class project series at prestigious fashion colleges and universities in Europe and the US.

This series stems from a successful product development collaboration with the University of Oregon’s Sports Product Management Program in 2020 where students worked with Hyosung’s textile team to design and develop a backpack for run commuting.  

According to Mike Simko, Hyosung Global Marketing Director -Textiles, it is very beneficial to have experts from the textile and fashion field to share ‘real-life’ experience and material insight to students, something he benefited from when he was an engineering student.

“Upon graduating, these students could very well be our customers,” said Simko. “We are appreciative to be invited to present our customized presentations and conduct class projects with some of the most prestigious fashion design and textile institutions around the world.”

Hyosung’s first 2022 guest lecture was presented to students in the Contour Fashion BA program at the esteemed De Montfort University (DMU) on February 17th at its Leicester, England campus, by textile industry veteran, Claire O’Neill, Hyosung European Marketing Manager. 

O’Neill presented a lecture titled The Power of Ingredient Fibres- Desirable, Technical, Sustainable with the objective of inspiring students to consider all aspects of the product from fiber, fabric, and garment to enhance their work.

“Claire brought a wealth of fiber technology information that is so needed for students to understand when choosing textiles for the garments they are designing,” said Rachel Toner, DMU Program Leader Contour Fashion and Contour Fashion Communication. “We look forward to working with Claire on a DMU student project for next year.” 

Hyosung’s next guest lecture presentations will take place at the London College of Fashion and NYC –  based Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in March. 

For more information on Hyosung’s guest lecture and class project series, please visit the Hyosung Performance Textiles blog https://blog.hyosungtnc.com and LinkedIn page https://tinyurl.com/2stswpbp

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