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Hyosung Presents Its Sustainable Multi-Function Fibre and Home Everywhere Collections at Performance Days Online

News & Events | December 7, 2020

Eco-friendly fibres developed for sustainability-seeking and comfort-craving consumers

December 7, 2020; Seoul, South Korea – Due to the on-going coronavirus, Performance Days Munich will host the show via its digital platform December 9-10, 2020 for brands interested in sustainable product innovations for the 2022/23 autumn/winter season. Hyosung will be there to present its latest offering of recycled multi-function fibres, in addition to its Home Everywhere collection of sustainable yarns developed in collaboration with Lenzing. 

“As consumers increasingly seek out sustainability, we continue to expand our offering of eco-friendly solutions to help our customers reach their sustainability goals,” said Mike Simko, Global Marketing Director, Hyosung-Textiles. “These goals can range from a focus on waste reduction to the elimination of using non-renewable resources, along with many others in between.”

Sustainable Solutions – Reuse. Recycle. Regen.

Hyosung will highlight its sustainable stretch and multi-fibre solutions to include its GRS-certified creora® regen elastane and Mipan® regen nylon both made with 100% reclaimed waste, along with its regen polyester made from 100% post-consumer waste. Hyosung will also present the expansion of its multi-functional 100% recycled fibre offering to include:

Hyosung x Lenzing Home Everywhere – Emerging to your new normal

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the clothing preference for many consumers as they now spend much of their time at home. Nowadays, more consumers look for comfortable, versatile and sustainable apparel that can be worn for multiple occasions and lasts longer.

Hyosung and Lenzing have introduced a collaborative collection of Home Everywhere eco-friendly fabrics made from comfortable, functional and sustainable yarns. The collection is comprised of three fabric concept groups, which includes a variety of unique blends featuring Lenzing’s cellulose fibres and Hyosung’s range of multi-function elastane, polyester and nylon fibres.

Please visit Hyosung during Performance Days here: https://www.performancedays.com/digital-fair.html.

About Hyosung

Hyosung is a comprehensive fibre manufacturer that produces world-class products, providing innovation and solutions to the textile industry. Hyosung’s creora® elastane is the world’s largest spandex brand, supplying the broadest range of stretch fibre offerings supported by exceptional technology and quality.  Mipan® nylon and specialty polyester provide functional and sustainable fibre solutions that are essential to today’s dynamic textile market. Visit our blog at blog.hyosungtnc.com for all the latest trend, event and product updates. Hyosung can also now be found on Instagram @hyosung_textiles  and on LinkedIn at Hyosung Performance Textiles.