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Trends | May 17, 2023

Hyosung Presents New Spring Summer 2025 Textile Trends

Company’s Fashion Design Center predicts a Regenerative Life 

May 17, 2023; Seoul, South Korea –To continually deliver creative innovation and sustainable textile solutions across the entire value chain, Hyosung’s  Fashion Design Center (FDC), an interactive fashion studio that spans the U.S., Europe, and Asia surveying progressive brands & retailers researching consumer insights, has released its forecasted SS 2025 Textile Trend report provides a vision of the key materials major apparel brands will be incorporating into their collection next year.

FDC’s overarching textile trend for SS 2025, is called Regenerative Life, which reflects an uplifting and positive mindset that focuses on the well-being of self and our planet. According to Gary Oh, Team/General Manager, Hyosung FDC, consumers are seeking long-lasting, multi-function apparel made with eco-friendly materials from purpose-driven brands that they feel good about wearing. 

With this insight in mind, FDC has categorized Regenerative Life into the three following themes where it recommends apparel applications made with Hyosung’s broad portfolio of sustainable creora® spandex, performance nylon and polyester yarns. 

  • Active Essentials: Basic functions such as cooling, and comfort stretch that are expected in performance activewear among today’s consumers, have now become essential in street and fashion apparel. Within this category’s Not-so Basic Basics, Next Level Comfort, Vacation Bound and All-Ready Active sub-trends, FDC presents how these performance features can be woven into eye catching apparel with eco-friendly, functional fabrics. 
  • Great Escape: This theme focuses on outdoor fabrics geared to consumers who are seeking physical and mental health by escaping in nature, regardless of the conditions that are thrown to them, in its four sub-trends – Nature Gym, Protective Basic, Everywhere Layers, and Bleisure Travel. 
  • Wellness Strategy: While rest was considered a short-term solution for reducing stress, it’s now considered a long-term strategy for a positive lifestyle and sustainable well-being. Wellness Strategy addresses comfort fabrics for loungewear and intimate apparel in its Travel-Ready Essentials, Comfort Everyday, Feel-Good Texture, and New Femininity sub-trends. 

“For SS 2025, we predict textile trends focusing on materials that allow consumers to feel the best they can be both physically and emotionally,” said Oh. “It’s such an exciting time for textile innovation and our team finds great joy in providing creative solutions that align with our global partner network’s needs.”

Hyosung will be displaying fabrics and concept garments made with recommended yarns from the SS 2025 Textile Trend report at the following trade shows this summer – Outdoor Retailer Salt Lake City, June 19-21, Future Fabric Expo London, June 26-28, Interfilière Paris, July 2-4, Functional Fabric Fair NYC, July 18-19, Preview in Seoul, August 23-25, and Intertextile Shanghai, August 28 – 30. 

Additionally, more detailed information on FDC’s SS 25 Textile Trends will be presented in a weekly Trend Byte series featured on the Hyosung Performance Textiles blog and LinkedIn page. 

 About Hyosung

Hyosung is a complete sustainable textile solution provider that produces world-class products, providing innovation and solutions to the textile industry. Hyosung’s creora® spandex is the world’s largest spandex brand, supplying the broadest range of stretch fiber offerings supported by exceptional technology and quality. Its performance nylon and specialty polyester provide functional and sustainable fiber solutions that are essential to today’s dynamic textile market. Visit our blog at blog.hyosungtnc.com for all the latest trend, event, and product updates. Hyosung can also be found on Instagram @hyosung_textiles  and on LinkedIn at Hyosung Performance Textiles.

Hyosung FDC SS 25 Textile Trends

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