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Hyosung Participates in the First-Ever P4G Seoul Summit

Green Partnerships | July 25, 2021

Green We Go, Change We Make

The 2021 P4G Seoul Summit, which was Korea’s first multilateral summit on the environment, took place on May 30-31, 2021 with great success – and Hyosung was proud to be a part of it!

P4G is a global initiative launched in 2017 to accelerate the response to climate change and implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the most pressing issue of our time. 12 middle powers of all continents including Korea, international organizations, and businesses currently participate.

The P4G initiative is unique whereby the government, private sector partner, and civil society partner take part in climate action.  

The two-day summit adopted the Seoul Declaration, in which the government fleshed out differentiated goals and strategies in five sectors ― water, food and agriculture, energy, cities, and the circular economy.

During this two-day summit, Hyosung informed attendees as to how our recently launched regen jeju, regen seoul, regen ocean initiatives help improve the environment both locally and globally. Hyosung is taking action to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 20.5% on a unit basis by 2030.

We also showcased our regen® Recycle Project, an initiative where Hyosung along with local government and municipal agencies, are transforming discarded PET bottles from Jeju Island and Seoul into recycled polyester that brands such as The North Face Korea and Pleatsmama are featuring in their products. 

Products from The North Face Korea and Pleatsmama were on display to demonstrate Hyosung’s circularity solution, which contribute to the health and longevity of our earth. 

Shortly after the P4G Summit, Hyosung was awarded the 2021 Seoul Metropolitan Environment Award, the highest authority award in the Seoul Metropolitan environmental field, for our eco-friendly initiatives. A very special month indeed!