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Mill Partner Spotlight on Dejun New Material

Stories | April 7, 2023

We are happy to shine a light on another longstanding mill partner – Dejun New Material!

Dejun New Material Co., Ltd., is a professional manufacturer of elastic knitting fabrics with in-house knitting, dyeing, finishing and brush, located in Haining, Zhejiang Province. Founded in 1994, the plant covers 181,818 sqm, has 500 employees – capable of producing an annual output of 50 million yards. 

With a philosophy of high-technology, eco-friendliness and comfort, Dejun is consistently conducting fabric development and quality improvement, to make sure its products fulfill different brand and customer needs. Its products are widely used in apparel and industrial applications. Its apparel fabrics include sportswear, swimwear, and underwear, while its industrial products include display fabrics, flag fabrics and automotive interior fabrics. Dejun’s products are primarily exported to Europe, the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, and southeast Asia. 

Dejun emphasizes environmental protection and sustainable development. To address air and water pollution along energy consumption reduction, it has taken three main actions for each and achieved solid progress. 

According to the Dejun, it is looking forward to creating new market space for customers through high-quality, value-added products and superior service. With the help of its employees, Dejun aims create both material and spiritual wealth for society through rational management and continuous growth. 

Mr. Alex Ling, Sales Director, was kind to answer a few questions with regards to Dejun’s collaboration with Hyosung.

When did Dejun and Hyosung begin working together?

We first collaborated more than 20 years and have continued ever since.

What does Dejun look for when selecting a fiber company to partner with? 

We hope the fiber companies we collaborate with have  strong development abilities, and a strong desire to collaborate. It is also important that they provide consistent quality assurance, price performance and on-time delivery.

Why do you think Dejun and Hyosung have become such strong partners over the years? 

We share the same philosophy to meet brand customers’ needs, which deepens our collaboration and makes it smoother.

Can you give an example of how you both work together to anticipate brand developers’ needs?

We keep abreast of the latest industry trends through market research and customer needs. We then discuss to find innovation solutions together to provide desirable textile solutions. 

We’d love to know about a particularly challenging brand request and how Dejun, in collaboration with Hyosung, worked through it. Can you share an example?

Decathlon was looking for chlorine-resistant swimwear fabrics. After several development trials, we developed the fabric with Hyosung’s creora® highclo spandex, and eventually put it into bulk production.

Will you be exhibiting at any forthcoming tradeshows that we should be aware of?

Dejun will attend the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market held in June 2023 in the US.  Looking forward to meeting you there!

What is new and exciting on the horizon? 

We think sustainability is a big trend that will be ongoing, and we aim to develop fabrics, which are environmental friendly with recycled and bio-degradable yarns to find better solutions for our society.

Thanks to Alex for sharing his time and great information with us. We look forward to seeing the Dejun team at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market – and hope we will see you there as well!