Hyosung FDC FW ‘23/24 Trend Byte 22 – Hyosung Performance Textiles

Hyosung FDC FW ‘23/24 Trend Byte 22

Trends | January 3, 2023

Happy New Year! We’ve had a great time sharing our FW ‘23/’24 Textile Trends these several months. We’ve reached our last FW ‘23/’24 Trend Byte and Science of Comfort theme, which is called Soft Compression.

Basic underwear and stretch loungewear layers act as performance all-day active items with technical properties such as soft stretch, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, cooling, and anti-odor. In this trend, the important point to focus on is not to restrain the body with high compression, but to wrap the body smoothly for barely-there comfort.

Our recommended yarn and fabric suggestions for Soft Compression include:

Hyosung Key Yarns:

Fabric Suggestions:

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Many thanks for being part of our FDC Trend Byte community! We look forward to sharing our SS ’24 Textile Trends with you very soon. Until then, take care!

FDC FW ’23/’24 Soft Compression